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A little girl was diagnosed with a bone disease that causes the jaw bone to continuously grow. This condition is rare and there is no cure. It will inevitable lead to the death of the person suffering from it. The desperate mother saw Fr. Michael Pintacura, the U.S. Vice Postulator for the Cause of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, speaking about her and showing a 1st class relic of the Beata on EWTN. The mother wrote to Fr. Pintacura to obtain a holy card of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi. Upon receiving the picture, the mother touched the picture to her little daughter with deep faith. Upon examination at the next doctor's appointment it was found the jaw bone had stopped growing. And in a matter of weeks the little girl was perfectly healthy. Today this little girl is doing very well in school, and is actively involved in athletics with no sign of any deformity.

A young couple was desperate after learning that the young woman would never be able to conceive children. In their grief they consulted a Priest to help them through this suffering. The priest encouraged them to pray to and ask the intercession of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, herself a mother of seven children. He blessed the young woman with a 1st class relic of Blessed Anna Maria and asked her intercession to help the young couple. Within a few months the young woman discovered that she was with child. Great was the joy of this young couple! Today they have two healthy boys.

A priest developed a painful growth on his back which the doctor's determined to be malignant. The night before the scheduled surgery the priest went home, took a 1st class relic of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and touched it to his back. He prayed that she may guide the surgeon's hand to make this a successful surgery.
The next morning he did not feel any more pain. When he arrived at the hospital to be prepared for the surgery, the surgeon could not find a growth on the priest's back. The doctor re-examined the x-ray, which clearly showed the malignant growth. The doctor was puzzled. He took another x-ray and found no malignant growth proving the back was perfectly normal and healthy. The healing of the priest was beyond medical science. No explanation can be given.

A young teenage boy suffered an accidental gun shot wound in his arm. The injury was treated, and he was released from the hospital. He continued to complain about pains and insisted that the bullet was still in his arm. However, repeated examinations supported the diagnosis of phantom pain as no bullet could be found in his arm. His mother finally touched a picture of Blessed Anna Maria to her son's arm and implored her to help the doctors to find the bullet. During the next examination the doctor noticed a tiny pinhole in the boy's arm. With his finger he applied a little pressure next to the little hole and to his surprise the bullet came out. The teenage boy was instantly and completely healed.

- Amarillo, Texas -

- North Carolina -

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Many miracles have been obtained through the intercession of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, some of them are mentioned below. Even during her lifetime Anna Maria had the gift of healing which she used for the benefit of others and also of animals. The miracles described below are only a very small selection of many, obtained through the intercession of Blessed Anna Maria. More will be shared periodically.

Miracles of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

Surgery Avoided

A Bullet Removed

- San Jose, California -

A Little Girl Healed

Miracle Baby

- Stockton, California -